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Artwork Requirements

At Sign A Rama Helensvale, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

Artwork for signage and exhibitions will be reproduced at large sizes, so graphics that work on business cards and web sites are sometimes not suitable for these applications.

We can help:

Your local Sign A Rama can help you with your existing art files so you get the result you want.

How to get your files to us:

Many files can be emailed directly to us.  Photographic art (bit map or raster files) are often too large to email.  These can be sent on CD, or uploaded via FTP sites such as

We use PCs at Sign A Rama, and can use most common file formats.

Helpful Tips:

Fonts and Text:

If you want us to use your design without any changes, it is best to convert all text to outlines.  This avoids the problem of us not having the exact same fonts as you on our system (we have thousands of fonts, but there is always one that we don’t have).  If you don’t know how to convert fonts to outlines, just ask you local Sign A Rama store, and we will tell you how to do it on your design program.


Colour is an important part of good signage and exhibition graphics.  However the colour you see on your monitor, or produce on your printer will not necessarily be the colour you will see on your new Sign A Rama digitally printed graphics. This is not due to any fault on your part, or ours, rather it is because colour is device dependent.

We can maintain the colours in your digitally printed graphics.   Talk to your local Sign A Rama store to find out about how to incorporate industry standard colour in your design, and other ways of maintaining colour fidelity.


SIGN A RAMA can offer scanning services for photographs etc. These are scanned up to 2400dpi. The bigger the original, the better the result. Our maximum in store scanning size is A4.